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Doctor Web

At Doctor Web, we have been developing anti-virus software for many years.

Back in 1992, the future founder of the company - Igor Danilov from St.Petersbourg, Russia - made public his first anti-virus program that soon was named Dr.Web. 10 years of constant research and improvement of malware detection and eradication technologies carried by Danilov and his co-workers became a solid base for the company established in Moscow in 2003.

Our philosophy: we have always focused on scientific research rather than marketing investment. We select the best technical profiles and computer virology research is our DNA. Understanding, analyzing, dissecting malware is our passion.

Our mission: to think up and develop cutting-edge technologies to respond to constantly evolving threats that companies and organizations face daily.

Our products: we have always made our best efforts to cover all major operating systems and hardware platforms by our products. Today we offer to our customers a wide range of anti-malware tools and cloud-based investigation environments designed and maintained by our world-class engineers and developers.