Мобильные компьютеры M3 Mobile S20W0C-QBCWSE-HF

Терминал сбора данных M3 Mobile model US20 (US20W)
Вендор: M3 Mobile
Артикул: S20W0C-QBCWSE-HF
Краткие характеристики

Android 10.0 GMS, WVGA, 802.11 a/b/g/n/ac, SE4710 2D Imager Scanner(Straight Shooter/0° Scan), Rear Camera, BT, GPS, NFC(HF), 4G/64G, 42-Function Keypad , Extende Battery is included and Bullet Proof Film, Hand Strap are attached. Requires Cradle and Power Supply for charging. (sold separately)

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